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Van Kempen juices are delicious and authentic. It is juice that makes fruit proud. Juice that will pleasantly surprise your guests. Juice that adds value to your company. Juice that will make your guests visit you again.

Van Kempen juices are genuine and authentic. They do not have any additives or extractions, and the juices are made by a true family business. A family of fruit growers. You can taste their sincere love for fruit!

A list of all the benefits

exclusively for the hotel and catering industry


Van Kempen juices cannot be found in the supermarkets. This means you always serve your guests a special product. Exclusive, outstanding and original juice that –naturally – meets the highest quality standards. That means your guests have an additional reason to return to your business.
not made from concentrated juice


This is simple: we press the fruit and briefly heat it. The juice is genuine from start to finish. This ensures the preservation of the flavor and vitamins. However there is always an expection to the rule. Read more
single-use bottles packed in a box


Every bottle looks like new. That is because every bottle is new. By using a single-use bottle we guarantee an immaculate look and feel. The Van Kempen family uses glass bottles, as glass does not absorb or influence the flavor.
tasteful because of the right fruit selection and origin


One apple is not like the other. After twenty years of making juice, the Van Kempen family can say in good conscience that they know their way around fruit. They know which oranges from which area taste best, which apple varieties can be combined and when to pick the grapes and tomatoes. This is a matter of knowledge and experience. Your guests will taste this!
no additives


Naturally, we do not use any artificial preservatives, additional flavorings or flavor enhancers, coloring agents or sweeteners. Only our tomato juice requires a pinch of sea salt. What can you find in Van Kempen juices? Every 0,1 liter of juice requires 250 to 500 grams of fruit. The juice usually contains twice the vitamins and minerals compared to fresh fruit. As you might guess, All our fruit juices are plant based and rich in vitamins and fibers, and are purely plant based and rich in vitamins and fibers.
organic apple or orange juice: you choose!


There is no consensus on the matter: is organic juice indeed the right choice? This is a difficult discussion with many different opinions and points of view. The Van Kempen family would like to give you the opportunity to decide for yourself. This way, you only serve products that you yourself support in good conscience. 
the Van Kempen family’s attention


Juice that makes fruit proud; juice that makes the Van Kempen family proud. Jan, Lenie and Jan Willem keep watch over the quality of their juices; their love for Mother Nature, their love for the Dutch soil and their love for delicious juice ensure this! They have twenty years of experience and give it their full, yet down-to-earth conviction. “It is the inside that counts”. That is the Van Kempen’s motto for good reason!

Do you require additional information?


We offer a short and clear list of what Van Kempen has to offer. You can use this list for yourself or to instruct your employees. You can easily and conveniently download it here. You can also find all pictures of our products here and download them for a place on your list of beverages.

Would you first like to taste before you believe? Or would you like to talk to the Van Kempen family? Email us: or call us on +31 187 68 92 64.