It is the exception that proves the rule: organic orange juice sometimes made from concentrate.

Flavor. An important word for the van Kempen family. After all, it is our (distinguishing) flavor that brought Van Kempen into business. It is 1993. Jan and Lenie are once again surprised by the flavor of the supermarket's and catering industry's apple juice. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the apple juice they sometimes press themselves. When the price of apples drastically falls, they make an attempt to bring their own apple juice to the market. Therefore, it is no wonder that, even now their assortment has grown well beyond apple juice alone, flavor is still the greatest priority to the family.

Flavor is the reason why the van Kempen family makes juice from the best quality fruit and does not use concentrate as basis. There is, however, one exception to prove the rule. Organic orange juice does not have a better flavor throughout the year compared to organic orange juice that is made from concentrate. In this case, the van Kempen family wants to offer you juice with the best flavor possible.


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