It’s the inside that counts…

Genuine juices. From start to finish. Juice that makes fruit proud. Juice that makes you proud. Because you are certain that you are serving tasty and honest juices with Van Kempen. Juices that your guests enjoy, juices that make your guests return to your venue. Van Kempen’s juices are pressed from full pieces of fruit. Carefully selected fruit. Without extractions, without additives, without concentrate. Like we said: genuine juice.

The range of Van Kempen’ juices consists of eight different flavours in three packaging sizes (185 ml, 75 cl, 1 liter). The juice was first made by the Van Kempen family in Ouddorp (in the province of Zuid-Holland), who are true fruit growers. Lenie, Jan and Jan-Willem have been making fruit juices for more than twenty years. Juice that makes them proud. And after more than two decennia the Van Kampen family can honestly say they have all the knowledge and experience. They know exactly which fruit to use, from which climate zones and from which areas: how can you best treat the fruit? When should the fruit be plucked and pressed? These are no secrets for Van Kempen. As a result, the product is a juice that truly makes fruit proud.


the van Kempen family

The full productrange of Van Kempen Fruitsappen

185 ml

75 cl

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